Coffee Labora

Passionately Picked/ Boldly Served.

As a family business, we prioritize the values ​​of honesty, integrity and respect in all of our operations. We are committed to delivering the highest quality coffee to our customers, which is why we only source the best Colombian beans and use traditional roasting methods to ensure the best flavor and aroma.

Our factory in Colombia is where we carefully select, roast, and package our coffee beans before shipping them to our customers in the US and Spain. We believe that by controlling every aspect of the production process, we can guarantee the quality and authenticity of our product.

But we do not limit ourselves to offering excellent coffee. We want to innovate and provide unique experiences to our customers. That is why we created El Colaito, our flagship product that combines the rich flavor of coffee with a touch of sweetness and a touch of creaminess, making it the perfect drink for any occasion.

We are confident that our commitment to quality, innovation and family values ​​will continue to drive our growth and success in the coffee industry.

Better service to our customers

Focused on customer expectations.

Competitive prices

All the products are available at a reasonable price.

High Quality Coffee

Our Coffee has premium beans roasted to perfection.

all day comfort

We provide quality drinks with multiple flavors of coffee. (Rum, Whiskey and Cardamom.)